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Description of Hospital Management Software

Hospitals and other clinical institutions are amongst the most crowded places that pose a challenging task for the admin to effectively manage the resources. Subsequently, it becomes imperative to employ smart Hospital management software that can streamline the storing, editing and display of data efficiently.

Creative Bangladeshg realized the potential of such a robust application and conceived 'abc software'. It is an integrated hospital management desktop application that is developed to seamlessly manage a wide array of administrative and management processes, specific to hospitals. While the decision making becomes effective, the overall process is accelerated. We offer advanced features that conform to international standards.

The software is composed of different modules and each module addresses a specific activity and facilitates apical patient care services. Furthermore, it assists in improving human resource management to help hospital garner maximum value from the resources within the hospital.

Core Modules

  • 1. Service Management
  • 2. Patient Management
  • 3. OPD Management
  • 4. IPD Management
  • 5. Discharge Summary
  • 6. Inventory Management
  • 7. Other Modules
  • 8. Supporting Modules
  • 9. Backend details

Features Checklist in Hospital Management

  • 1. In-Patient Management
  • 2. Out- Patient Management
  • 3. Patient Records Management
  • 4. Doctor Management
  • 5. Accounting Management
  • 6. Appointment Management
  • 7. Bed Management
  • 8. Billing & Invoicing
  • 9. Budgeting & Forecasting
  • 10. Claims Management
  • 11. Expense Tracking
  • 12. Human Resource Management
  • 13. Inventory Management
  • 14. Out-Patient Management
  • 15. Physician Management
  • 16. Policy Management
  • 17. Revenue Management

Hospital Management System - an excellent solution from China Bangla IT Ltd enabling health verticals deliver better patient care with the use of technology. The solution is designed and developed in such a way to manage future challenges. Our solution is committed to creating a health care system that helps health care verticals to lower costs, enhance scalability, and higher quality and better health care for all.

  • 1. Browser & Windows Based, Compatible with latest gadgets
  • 2. Real Time SMS to Patients, GPS, Consultants, Administrators
  • 3. Patient smart card /barcode which helps in hospital brand building & increases patient movement
  • 4. Business Intelligence (BI) Improves patient care by driving better decision making throughout the organization by viewing and managing each department’s performance
  • 5. Personalized Dashboards for Management, Consultants, CXOs , Patients and end users
  • 6. Helps in evaluating the fiscal advancement and performance of the health care facilities with KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and Organizational Goals.

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