HR Management System

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Description of HR Management System

Our HR Management software gives you, your managers, and your employees a single place to manage all your HR payroll, benefits, compliance, and more all online, in one beautiful dashboard. Seamlessly connect your company’s payroll, health insurance, paid time off, and other HR systems with our HR Management software in just a few seconds without having to change vendors, plans, or pricing. And if your business doesnt have these things yet, our HR Management software can give you quotes and set you up in just a couple of minutes.


  • 1. Trainings will be conducted by trained professionals provided by Applique Soft.
  • 2. The company will conduct trainings at client’s office as mention earlier a 3 days (per day 3 hours) training will be given for each module. Location of training would be at client’s office or designated space.
  • 3. On completion of these trainings the participants will charge applicable.
  • 4. Acquired an understanding of System and the technologies and business process involved.
  • 5. Understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
  • 6. Ability to manage and navigate work through various interfaces.

Future of HR Management System

  • 1. Employee Personal Information
  • 2. Payment Head Information
  • 3. Pay scale Information
  • 4. Salary Slab Information
  • 5. Pay Package Information
  • 6. Monthly Transaction
  • 7. Employee Loan/Advance Management
  • 8. Provident Fund Management
  • 9. Holiday Management(Company & Employee Wise)
  • 10. Payroll Process
  • 11. Increment History
  • 12. Bonus Process
  • 13. Attendance Management System
  • 14. Duty Exchange Information
  • 15. Employee Wise Holiday
  • 16. Employee Wise and General Shifting
  • 17. Leave Management System
  • 18. Appraisal Management System
  • 19. Pay Slip
  • 20. Salary Sheet
  • 21. Department Wise Top Sheet
  • 22. Related 65 reports included

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